Moving Checklist

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Contact property manager to book the use of the elevator

Arrange a moving company, get a written confirmation on time and date of the event

Change address in all essential institutions:

Fortis BC ( Ph.: 1 888 224 2710

BC Hydro ( Ph.: 604 224 9376

ICBC ( Ph.:604-661-2800

Canada Revenue Agency ( Ph.:1-800-714-7257

Cable TV Shaw ( Ph.: 604 629 8888

Rogers ( Ph.: 1 888 764 3771

Telus ( Ph.: 1 888 472 2222


Medical Services Plan ( Ph.: 604-660-2421

Canada Post ( Ph:1 866 607 6301

Social Security





Start packing. Keep an inventory list. Mark each box with its destination room (e.g. kitchen).

List the items to take with you personally. Include all jewellery, passports and other valuable items.

Collect all keys for the house for the new owners (don’t forget garage and shed keys).

Check inventory for number of boxes – break down by room

Verify that the utilities have been turned on and meters have been read

Get to the house before the movers. Arrange snacks and drinks with you. It will be a long day.