Antonina joined Sutton West Coast Realty, # 1 Real Estate Brokerage in 2007 after she immigrated from Latvia together with her family. Her previous experience as a corporate lawyer and investment- business consultant helps her to assist clients with specific contract’s clauses and terms to protect her sellers and buyers interests.

Being one of the top agents in the office, she continues to receive Platinum, Director, President. Master Awards every year during her career.

Her previous experience together with knowledge of several languages has allowed her to offer the best deals to her clients from: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, Yugoslavia, US, Israel, Latvia, UK, Korea, China, Nepal, Romania, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Estonia, India, France, Germany, Croatia, Mexico, Lithuania and Iran.

Antonina is ideal in assisting new and established immigrants to buy EASY RESALABLE properties, so they do not have disappointments after move-in. She also is an expert in DOUBLE transactions when you need to SELL and BUY a new property without moving TWICE. Her goal is to provide confidential and professional service to build lifetime relations and work with her clients, friends and family members based on trust and honesty.

Please feel free to call Antonina to schedule a consultation in our office or showing any property listed on MLS- Cell 604-617 5748, Office 604-415 9800-7 days a week.